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Sales and payment policy


You order at Sofa Vu Gia in the following ways:

  • Order directly at the factory (Priority Proposal): Go to our factory at 6/3D Thoi Tam Thon 13 Street, Thoi Tam Thon Village, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City to be able to directly see the production process, choose fabric samples, simili samples, leather samples suitable for you. li>
  • Order by phone: You just need to call our hotline number 0974 186 940 for advice on size, style, material … and order.
  • Order on Website: On the http: // You just need to select your favorite products, click on “Buy” we will contact again for advice.


a. Delivery in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City
Delivery time: 3-5 days from the date of order.
Delivery fee: Free
b. Other local delivery
Delivery time: 3 – 5 days from the date of order + local shipping time
Delivery fee: We will support a part of delivery costs for you depending on each order and specific locality.

Any problems of delivery time arising out of unwanted such as natural disasters, … we will notify you immediately and take measures to support promptly.


When ordering, please deposit 50% of the order value for us to carry out production.

  • Customers in HCMC: pay the rest when receiving goods
  • Other local customers: When the order is finished, we will send the image to you for preview, when you pay the rest, we will transfer to the shipping unit for immediate delivery to you. .
  • You can pay by cash or transfer to your account:

Account name: Vu Dinh Quang

Account number: 060087302817 Sacombank Bank, District 12 branch, Hoc Mon transaction office

  • If you need VAT invoice please transfer to your account:

Account name: Sofa Vu Gia Limited Company

Account number: 060091247057 Sacombank Bank, District 12 branch, Hoc Mon transaction office

When sending money, please provide us with full personal information and purchase content for convenience in order confirmation.


Sofa Vu Gia is a direct production unit according to your order to get the most preferential price, so we refuse to cancel the order when you have placed a order confirmation.

Products will be produced according to your ideas and wishes when ordering with us. If there is any change from the product that you have not passed, you have the right to refuse to receive the goods, request to produce the product in accordance with the original commitment or request a refund of the deposit.

If the product has any errors by the manufacturer, we will immediately produce new products for delivery.

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