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Warranty and quality commitment


We are committed to all the inputs that make up our products (wood, mousse, leather, simili, fabric …) all verified origin and be informed to you when consulting products.

  • 100% wooden frame for making sofa frames is dried pine wood imported from Newzeland, ensuring no termites and beetles imported by Continental Export Import Company.
  • The mattress mousse is produced by Vinh Duc mousse company and Ngoc Cuong mousse company. Elasticity will be consulted according to your needs.
  • Fabrics, Simili seat covers are imported from Korea, Indonesia and Turkey by Co May Trading and Services Co., Artbox Company.
  • Seated leather is Italian or Thailand leather imported by Artbox Company, Decocoon Company … or Vietnamese leather produced by Hung Thai Company.


Sofa Vu Gia warrants 2 years for frames and mattresses for all manufactured products.

Warranty conditions :

  • Product is still under warranty
  • Warranty card with full information
  • Damage caused by the manufacturer’s error
  • The errors are not produced by the manufacturer, we will advise and support you to repair and improve products.