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Privacy Policy

1- The purpose and scope of information collection

To use some of the gadgets on the website, you may need to provide us with some personal information such as: name, mail, contact address, phone number.

In addition, some of your activities on the website such as the number of visits, the list of pages viewed … the information of website connection is also collected by us.
2- Range of information usage

We collect your information to:

    • Maximize your support when choosing products and connecting with us
    • Improve customer service quality
    • Increase utilities for you every time you visit the website

3- Information storage time

We store and secure your information on the server of the until you request a cancellation.
4- Address of personal information collection and management unit

Sofa Vu Gia Limited Company

Address: 6/3D Thoi Tam Thon 13 Street, Thoi Tam Thon Village, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Phone: 0974186940

5- Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.

You can call the hotline on the website or email to us to fulfill your requirements for the information provided.
6- Commitment to protecting personal customer information

  • The information you provide on the website is strictly confidential and used only with your consent
  • We are committed to not providing the information you have provided to third parties unless requested by you
  • If the server of the website is damaged, hacked … leading to loss of information or disclosure, we will be responsible for the legality with above information.
  • If the information you provide on the website is incorrect, we reserve the right to waive all of your claims with such false information.

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